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Fly Fishing


We will take our time and focus on targeting  every possible water type to find where the fish are holding and feeding.


Keeping it "simple and productive" is the secret to stress free fly tying that fills your boxes without breaking the budget.


There is nothing better than seeing new waters from the bow of our river boat.


Presentation tops fly selection in almost every situation. Make sure you can deliver the fly to the target when its most important.

fly fishing, fishing rod, fishing

Take the first steps towards a fun and rewarding activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.


Learn the skills and techniques used by guides to produce successful outcomes on trout streams near and far.

Stream & Forest Therapy with michelle


Join us for a slow-paced hike identifying the colorful wildflowers emerging throughout the springtime


Let the forest ease your mind and mend your hardships as we ground ourselves alongside earths diverse landscapes

bird, blue, cristata

Become a better birder with us. Learn how to identify birds by their songs and calls as well as their visual characteristics