Fish Friendly Photos

While testing out a new streamer today, that worked quite well, we felt it was a good opportunity to show some creative ways to get your fish photos without much harm or stress to the fish.

1. Once you have the fish in the net, keep the basket in the water and secure your rod in your wader belt or 3rd hand from @oprosflyfish then get out your camera and take a shot keeping the fish in the water.

2. Then put away the camera and focus on removing your barbless fly from the fish while it’s still in the water. If the fish is still fighting in the net during this process gently roll the fish belly side up, this tends to settle them down a bit so you can remove the hook safely.

3. Now with hook and rod safety out of the way, pull the camera back out and get a quick photo or video as you lower the net under the fish or quickly raise them over the net and back into the water in 10 seconds or less.

These methods make for more interesting photographs that are just as memorable for you and less traumatic to the fish. Include #kytrouttour in your next “in the net” photo! And continue to #leavenotrace and #catchandrelease