Gear Review: The Rogue Protector

Disclaimer: This review was not paid for, and products were bought at full price. 

A few weeks back we decided to try out a few new products for the upcoming fishing season. We surveyed some well-known brands for common items such as lines, reels, and rods but stumbled upon a few lesser known companies for smaller accessories that peaked our interest like @roguefishingco with their “PROTECTOR™ PHONE TETHER 2.0”

We take a lot of photos and videos with our phones while we’re exploring and guiding. On multiple occasions we have decided to forgo that photo of a trophy fish or that beautiful overlook due to fear of losing our phones in the swift currents or off the cliff. The “PROTECTOR™” eliminates these fears and allows us to get the perfect shot with confidence. 

The product itself is a high quality molded silicone band that cradles the four corners of your device with a built in swivel ring attachment that can be used in the hand or to connect to the tether with a simple girth hitch. It stretches over the iPhone 12 Pro in a case with no problem and doesn’t obstruct the camera lens. 

The connecting tether surprised us as well. It is a strong spring cable inserted inside of what appears to be 550 cord sheathing with heat shrink tubing covering the cable crimps. Even after extending the tether to full length and essentially straightening the coils, it returns right back to its original shape with no loss in spring tension.

Ordering was simple and efficient with shipping faster than expected. We haven’t had it long enough to know its durability but the silicon comes with a 90 day warranty and the tether has 1 year. If it saves your device just once, it pays for itself 50 times over and that’s worth it for us.

If it holds up to some abuse, you can expect to try them out while with us for a class or trip.      

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