Fly Tying Classes


It’s even more rewarding landing a fish on a homemade fly, but many anglers forgo the trade in fear of failure and wasted time and money. This is understandable when a quick flip through a fly tying catalog will leave you with a headache from the amount of options and the price tags attached. 

We at Bear and Sun Outdoors believe you can still have all the reward of fly tying without overly complicated patterns and expensive materials. We will sit down and tie with you a few of the most productive trout and bass flies that we use during our trips. These flies will catch fish, teach you the techniques of fly tying, and fill your boxes for a fraction of the cost compared to store bought flies.

In the end, the best flies to use are ones that are simple and cheap to make that catch a ton of fish. This principle means more time on the water and less at home on the vise and it removes the frustrations that come along with losing that beautiful expensive fly.

Together we will decide on 3-5 patterns to tie. You will go home with all flies tied during the clinic including the instructors.

Maximum Class Size: One on one preferred, no more than two.


Duration: approximate 2 hours


Locations: Classes will be held in any agreed upon locations that can accommodate the class size and have adequate working room. Ex. personal residents, public libraries, breweries, coffee shops.


Price: Clinic prices vary due to selected flies and travel needed. Message us today to get a quote for your custom class.     


Students will go home will all flies tied during class (including the instructors)

What's provided by us

We strive to provide our clients with high quality gear, service, and instruction during all of our classes and trips. If you would like to purchase any gear used during your event please visit the (online Store)

  • Tying Equipment

    All tools and vises needed for class will be provided. Feel free to bring your own equipment if you would like.

    We have Renzitti vises and complete tool kits from Dr. Slicks and Loon for use during class

  • Materials:

    All materials needed to complete the selected fly patterns for your class

What You need to bring

Make sure you are prepared to stay comfortable in a classroom setting and have any personal items needed for self care during your class. Here are a few necessary items. 

  • Eyeware:

    Bring your favorite glasses if needed to see fine details. 

  • Food, Snacks, & Water:

    Bring any dietary needed food, snacks, or supplements.