Fly Fishing : Float Trips

Float Trips:

Let us do the rowing and rigging while you cast at every riser and seam the river has to offer.

No more snags in your backcast and room for a well-stocked cooler are only a few of the many rewards that come along with fly fishing from a boat.

We have a 3 person raft built for the pursuit of fish with a fly rod.  Its unique design will allow us to explore new waters and find the fish that have escaped the pressures from common anglers.

  • Maximum Participants: Two
  • Duration: Approximate 6-8 hours
  • Species: Trout, Smallmouth, Pike, Musky  
  • Locations: Trips will be held on floatable waters and locations will be set based on individual trip needs and current stream conditions.
  • Price: Prices vary according to locations and targeted species, Please message us to get a quote for your custom trip.

Guide Day Essentials and Information

A member of our Guide Staff will contact you a day or two in advance to make specific arrangements for your guided trip.  The information below is standard for all guided trips and can help you prepare for your day out with us.

(Catch and Release) All fish caught during classes or trips will be safely released back to the stream

Payment & Cancellation Policy:

  • Upon booking a trip, a $100 deposit must be made to secure the date of your trip.
  • The balance is expected on completion of your trip.

Meeting Times & Places:

  • Your guide will contact you several days before your trip to make specific arrangements.
  • When convenient, guides will meet clients at Fly Shops, Gas Stations, or other Businesses to grab supplies for the day. 
  • Clients will be responsible for their own travel to and from the stream, as required by our insurance policy.


  • Please notify your guide if you have any disabilities or limitations that limit your physical activity.  We try our hardest to make these trips appropriate and comfortable for all our guests.

What's provided by us:

We strive to provide our clients with high-quality gear, service, and instruction during all of our classes and trips. We will take care of having the essentials listed below.  

  • Equipment and Tackle:

    Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders, Flies, and release tools will be provided to match the specific class or trip. You are welcome to bring your own gear if you choose but must be approved prior to class. 

  • First Aid:

    If needed, One of our trained guides will provide first aid or first responder duties on any participants in need.

  • Provisions:
    • Lunch and beverages are included in the price of all full-day trips
    • Snacks and beverages are included in the price of all half-day trips
    • Our lunches generally consist of a made-to-order deli sandwich, snacks, etc.

    *If clients have special dietary restraints/allergies or requests, please be sure to tell your guide coordinator when they contact you about the specifics of your trip.

What You need to bring:

Make sure you are prepared to stay comfortable in changing weather conditions and have any personal items needed for self care during your class. Here are a few necessary items. 

  • Fishing Licenes: (Click To Buy Online)

    For the State we will be in and any special permits if needed. We will discuss what is needed in advance of each class.

  • Eyeware:

    Bring your favorite glasses to protect your eyes from the sun and hooks, If you fail to bring your own eyeware you will be provided with a pair of clear safety glasses.  

  • Waders:

    Chest waders in good condition with no leaks and a proper wading belt for all "on stream" classes and trips unless instructed not to for warm water class. Wading staffs are recommended but not necessary.  

  • Extra Clothing:

    The possibility exists to become wet and uncomfortable during the day. You must have a spare change of clothing in your vehicle.