Fishing Report: Middle Fork, Red River

Date: November 28th 2020

Conditions: Low and clear, 50 degree water temps in the sun at 1pm.

Fishing Tactics: In low and clear waters you want to focus your efforts on the deeper pools and any area where the surface turbulence is high enough to distort vision to the stream bottom. Fish will move into these areas to hide from overhead predators and spook easily from any shadows casted or disturbance to the slower pools. With 50 degree water temps the fish should be willing to feed on any readily available food sources in preparation for the colder temps that will come once the sun sets. 

Do a quick sample of the current menu by looking under some rocks or seining the water column. Try to match the size and shape of the insets found and present them at the speed of the stream you are fishing. In the deeper slower pools consider suspending your nymphs off an indicator rig, and try high sticking and tight line presentations on the faster broken waters.

Flies: #14 Guides Choice Hare’s Ear, Small white baitfish patterns.