Euro Nymphing Class


Euro nymphing is quickly growing in popularity among fly anglers due to its extremely productive techniques. A day out on the water with us will leave you prepared to target trout in varying situations and throughout all the seasons of the year. Topics we will cover during our outing will include; 

-Equipment selection

-Reading the water

-Proper wading and approach

-Matching the hatch

-Euro casting and presentation

-Fighting and landing fish

-Safe handling and photos

-Proper revival and release.

Maximum Class Size2

Duration: Approximate 6 hours 

Locations: Classes will be held on wadeable trout waters and locations will be set based on individual class needs and stream conditions.

Price: $200 for one person / $250 for two  


(Catch and Release) All fish caught during classes or trips will be safely released back to the stream

What's provided by us

We strive to provide our clients with high quality gear, service, and instruction during all of our classes and trips. If you would like to purchase any gear used during your event please visit the (online Store)

  • Equipment and Tackle:

    Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders, Flies, and release tools will be provided to match the specific class or trip. You are welcome to bring your own gear if you choose but must be approved prior to class. 

  • First Aid:

    If needed, One of our trained guides will provide first aid or first responder duties on any participants in need.

  • Shuttles:

    If needed on long wade or float trips.

What You need to bring

Make sure you are prepared to stay comfortable in changing weather conditions and have any personal items needed for self care during your class. Here are a few necessary items. 

  • Fishing Licenes: (Click To Buy Online)

    For the State we will be in and any special permits if needed. We will discuss what is needed in advance of each class.

  • Eyeware:

    Bring your favorite glasses to protect your eyes from the sun and hooks, If you fail to bring your own eyeware you will be provided with a pair of clear safety glasses.  

  • Waders:

    Chest waders in good condition with no leaks and a proper wading belt for all "on stream" classes and trips unless instructed not to for warm water class. Wading staffs are recommended but not necessary.  

  • Food, Snacks, & Water:

    Bring any dietary needed food, snacks, or supplements. Some classes and trips may last up to 8 hours or longer in the field unable to resupply.