A Time for Pause

When the cold settles, the earth grows quiet.

When the cold settles, the world pauses.

When the cold settles, change happens.

The bear… wanting naught but food and slumber.

The grass… wilting and falling beneath the snow.

The lost animal… pining for its reunion with summer.

They know this is not forever. 

They understand this is a time to prepare.

They feel the knowledge the earth lends.

Winter can be a trying time of year for many people. We can become lost in our daily routine for shelter and warmth from the bitter cold. Many may feel overwhelmed by every moment, and daylight does not last long enough for us to feel accomplished… but we make it through. Spring does come and we see ourselves again. To make it through winter, we must remember this is a time for rebirth.

All around the foragers and wanderers of this earth go unnoticed. But those who slow down, those who observe, become aware of the beauty that winter holds. The unnoticed are working diligently. They are preparing, planning, and providing for the seasons yet to be upon us. All around us nature appears dormant, but if you look closely, you will notice change happening.


February is right around the corner which means March is soon to follow, bringing with it the prepared wanderers. The ice will begin to melt, allowing the grass to peek through, and give us back a sense of belonging to this wondrous earth. As it flows, it brings renewed life to all that need it. The foragers have used their winter wisely to hoard many goods for their keeping, whether that be for shelter, for food, or for their children. What lies beneath the snow-capped grasses will begin to show its colors when the grey fades away for spring.

It is good to remember that our own bodies are resetting in winter as well. Ours brains and bodies need to slow down and readjust, to be reacquainted to each other. We easily forgot how deep the rabbit hole can become. There comes a moment when we must emerge, though, finally stretching out our tired limbs, warming our chilled skin, and focusing on what is most important: Our spirit. 

I, like the bear, enjoy food and slumber.

I, as the grass, wilt and fall beneath the snow.

And I, such as the lost animal, pine for summer.